3-4 DAYS, 2-3 NIGHT options 

The Centered Experience

Drawing on the Fourth and Fifth Chakras - the Heart and Throat Chakras - this experience is designed to activate your internal power source and voice. Lodging in a remote setting is provided; organic meals and snacks prepared on premise daily. 

Expansive Voice Centered Experience

Daily Guided Meditation: Center on your heart and intention using the power of mantra
Yoga: Attune the subtle body to the second and third chakras
Pilates: Stretch and lengthen the thoracic region
Strength Movement Flow: Build support for your heart and throat with this custom workout
Acupuncture: Align your nervous center with this ancient Chinese healing modality
Tai Chi: Connect with your life-force through this moving meditation
Reiki: Receive the gift of energy healing in an individualized session
Sexual Energy Therapy: Learn to embrace your ability to vocalize your needs for better sex and a better life
Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the healers powers of sound with sacred instruments and vocals

Art Therapy: Discover the power of art as a conduit into body and mind
Expressive Dance: Find your unique inner rhythm and explore the voice of your heart through the liberating movement of dance
Nature Exploration: Discover the powerfully centering properties of nature, our universal healer, on a meditative guided hike
Plant and Flora Edible Art: Learn and experience the internal healing powers of plants and flowers
Mind-Body Neurological Therapy: Deepen your mind-body awareness and heal physiological distress caused by emotion with this targeted therapy
Life Coaching: Continue to explore your center with the support of a life coach includes one month of life coaching after The Centered Experience’s Completion
New Moon Circle: Use this circle as a way to connect and engage in self inquiry and set or renew intensions