5-7 DAYS, 4-6 NIGHT options 

The Expanded Experience

Drawing on the Sixth and Seventh Chakras - the Third Eye and Crown Chakras - this experience is designed to tap into your worldly and energetic purpose. Lodging in a destination setting; organic meals and snacks prepared on premise daily.

Expansive Voice Expanded Experience

Each Expanded Experience varies based on the Luminaries leading.
Experiences may include but are not limited to the practices below.

Daily Guided Meditation: Broaden your internal view in a guided, visually-oriented meditation
Yoga: Journey along the kundalini and bring your practice to a transcendent place  
Chakra Flow: Challenge and explore the relationship with your physical body through mentally stimulating workouts
Holotropic Breathwork: Expand your consciousness and move toward wholeness by participating in this hypnotic, transcendental experience
Energy Healing: Clear blockages, activate your subtle body, and engage your inherent ability to heal
Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the healers powers of sound with sacred instruments and vocals

Art Therapy: Release and explore your experiences and emotions through artistic expression
Collaborative Cooking: Experience healing communion through the intimacy of preparing a meal
Nature Immersion: Deepen your relationship with nature during site-based activities such as snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking
Neurological Trauma Therapy: Address physiological dysfunction caused by emotional and cognitive trauma
Life Coaching: Discover the expansiveness of your healing capacity with the support of a life coach includes one month of life coaching after The Expanded Experience’s Completion
New Moon Circle: Use this circle as a way to connect and engage in self inquiry and set or renew intensions.