WHy women only?

Nicolette founded Expansive Voice to create a supportive and holistic community where women could come together in a creative atmosphere while they explore their inner world. We believe having a women only community creates a less competitive and more open environment where women are free and safe to explore deep levels of vulnerability. EV feels there is a very powerful and moving energy when females unite, and we want to use this to help women grow and discover. Based on Nicolette's past struggles, she feels best equipped to guide women through their healing process. We love men and support them, so we may one day expand, but for now, ladies only. Men will be invited to join in on yearly fund raiser events when posted or specified.

What are the differences between each experience?

EV has 5 different Experiences: The Mini Experience, The Rooted, The Centered, The Expanded, and Developing Executive Presence Series. Our main goal is to meet women where they are at in their meditative, healing and professional journey. It is important to provide practices for those who have never meditated before, but also for those who have an extensive meditative and healing practice. 
The Rooted Experience is a one day workshop and includes practices that create balance in the first three chakras. These three chakras are an important foundation for women wanting to grow spiritually and create more stability in her life. 
The Centered Experience is a 3-4 day overnight experience that includes practices to create balance in the next 2 chakras (Heart & Throat). It includes different practices, in addition to some of the same practices as the Rooted, but use completely different techniques to help center her life around her heart. 
The Expanded Experience is a 7-9 day overnight experience away from modern lifestyle and designed for women you have a daily relationship with meditation and healing, or at least are open to very alternative forms of meditation. Here she will learn ways to expand her consciousness through alternative meditative practices designed to elevate her entire being.
The Mini Experience is a 1-3 hour workshop held in SF, North Bay or East Bay hosted by either one or two Luminaries. Its the perfect way to get to know our Luminaries, their practices, and more about Expansive Voice.
Developing Executive Presence is a 5-part 2-hour series designed to educate women about strengthening their physicality, visualization and communication skills in the work place. We have created our very own curriculm with select Luminaries to help guests embody their truest self in their professional life.

If you are still not sure which is right for you, email us or fill out this form

Will all the Luminaries come to each experience? 


Do i need to prepare for the expereiences?



how can i support myself post experience?

No. Each experience will have 1-5 different Luminaries. Luminaries will be matched with different experiences based on their expertise and the season of the experience.

No not unless specified. We provide experiences that ask for your vulnerability, full participation and willingness to experience something different. Come with an open mind and open heart. You can also sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Blog, where we update you on books and other reading the Luminaries recommend checking out, which may help to expand your knowledge on the areas we will work on in our experiences.

One of the most important aspects of learning something new is practice. This can be hard after being immersed in something new with guidance at an experience and then having to go home and do it alone. This is why EV wants to help guide you through this process of change and be there to support you. Some of our Luminaries are licensed psychotherapists, life coaches and healers who will be offering post experience coaching to those who opt in for an additional price. Email us for more information.