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Activate Success: Deconstructing Blockers to your Professional Vision

  • Checkr 120 Kearny Street San Francisco, CA, 94108 United States (map)
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In the pursuit of your desired goals and career path, do you ever feel blocked, that your goal is not achievable, or that there are certain opportunities that are simply not available to you? In this workshop, we’ll break down the various cognitive biases that impact the way we view ourselves (and our potential), identify our emotional “triggers”, and dive into a process of deconstructing the self-limiting beliefs that impact our growth and success. Interactive and individual exercises will guide you through a process of developing new, alternative stories and self-beliefs to better serve you. In addition, these exercises will break down how to use emotional awareness to respond rather than react in high stakes situations, and help you create concrete action plans to begin moving towards your professional vision.


Kat Dahlen deVos, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, maintains a full private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco. With a BA in Psychology & Women's Studies and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, she confidently supports women in navigating life transitions with authenticity, grace and vitality. Kat’s therapeutic work weaves together Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality, supporting her clients in developing self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body awareness.

Nicolette Amarillas, founder of Expansive Voice, runs her own business as a holistic exercise and life coach where she guides clients one on one through movement, nutrition and mental wellbeing. Her success as a two time founder and dual business owner, and her passion to help women find their authentic voice in their professional lives, inspired her to co-create this series. Nicolette’s main goal is to share her experience as a businesswoman and leader, through this powerful workshop series, with women looking to thrive in their career.

What we'll cover 

  • Understand how cognitive biases work, and how to identify the role they play in day-to-day life

  • Learn how to work with neural reprogramming to “override” the negative effects of these biases

  • Learn to name, deconstruct, and replace self-limiting beliefs and problematic “stories” that create impediments to attaining professional goals

  • Understand the processes of emotional “triggers”, learn how to develop the skills of insight and awareness to recognize when “triggers” occur in order to respond thoughtfully and professionally

  • Explore the cultivation of a “Wise Mind” versus the activation of the primal “Fight or Flight” response in the face of stress, anger or fear

What to bring

  • Be prepared to discuss one “Self-Limiting Belief”; this could be something about You personally, or about a situation that “is just the way it is” and is likely not to change:

    • Example 1: You want to be an executive, but every executive has an MBA and returning to graduate school is not an option for you.

    • Example 2: You are a soft-spoken person and very uncomfortable in group settings

  • Be prepared to discuss one recent work-related situation in which you felt “Triggered”, ie: your reaction to something seemed out of proportion to the incident

    • Example 1: Your boss puts an unexpected meeting on your calendar, and you immediately feel yourself getting anxious and starting to panic

    • Example 2: You have been trying to speak up more in meetings, but when people disagree with you (which happens pretty often), you become nervous and afraid.

  • Something to write or take notes with

  • Business cards if you have them

  • Wear something you would wear to work on a normal day, that you would be comfortable sitting, standing, and walking around the room in. 


6:30p - 7p Doors open and Welcome Activity
7p - 8:30p Workshop
8:30p - 9p Networking & Goodbye

*Downtown/Financial District San Francisco location to be announced soon.

*This workshop is for women.

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