single Day workshop 

The Rooted Experience

Grounded in the energies of the First Three Chakras - the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras - The Rooted Experience focuses on foundational physical healing. Day workshop held in an inspired, natural setting; macrobiotic lunch and snacks provided.  

Expansive Voice Rooted Experience

Each Rooted Experience varies based on the Luminaries leading.
Experiences may include but are not limited to the practices below.

Daily Guided Meditation: Ground down in a daily guided mindfulness meditation
Yoga: Learn to draw on the grounded qualities of your body in this unique yoga practice
Pilates: Build stability from the pelvic floor and beyond in a pilates workout
Chakra Flow: Connect with the earth with these unique Closed Chain Movement exercises
Essential Oil Therapy: Tap into the sense of smell, our most primal and powerful sense, by creating your own unique Essential Oil with organic products
Sexual Energy Therapy: Empower yourself and learn to embrace better sex for a better life
New Moon Circle: Use this circle as a way to connect and engage in self inquiry and set or renew intensions.

Individual Massage: Nourish the physical body with healing touch in a customized massage
Plant and Flora Art: Create your own beautiful work of unique expression and experience the healing power of working with plants
Guided Nature Walk: Access your inner human animal through a guided nature walk
Neuro-Muscular Body Work: Receive an individualized treatment plan to balance the muscular system and clear pain
Life Coaching: Get grounded on your intentions with the support of a life coach includes one month of life coaching after The Rooted Experience’s Completion
Sensory Mapping: Get grounded with an immersion in nature using all of your senses.