single Day workshop 

The Rooted Experience

Grounded in the energies of the First Three Chakras - the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras - The Rooted Experience focuses on foundational physical healing. Day workshop held in an inspired, natural setting; macrobiotic lunch and snacks provided.  

Expansive Voice Rooted Experience

Daily Guided Meditation: Ground down in a daily guided mindfulness meditation
Yoga: Learn to draw on the grounded qualities of your body in this unique yoga practice
Pilates: Build stability from the pelvic floor and beyond in a pilates workout
Strength Movement Flow: Connect with the earth with these unique Closed Chain Movement exercises
Essential Oil Therapy: Tap into the sense of smell, our most primal and powerful sense, by creating your own unique Essential Oil with organic products
Sexual Energy Therapy: Empower yourself and learn to embrace better sex for a better life
New Moon Circle: Use this circle as a way to connect and engage in self inquiry and set or renew intensions.

Individual Massage: Nourish the physical body with healing touch in a customized massage
Plant and Flora Art: Create your own beautiful work of unique expression and experience the healing power of working with plants
Guided Nature Walk: Access your inner human animal through a guided nature walk
Neuro-Muscular Body Work: Receive an individualized treatment plan to balance the muscular system and clear pain
Life Coaching: Get grounded on your intentions with the support of a life coach includes one month of life coaching after The Rooted Experience’s Completion
Sensory Mapping: Get grounded with an immersion in nature using all of your senses.