1-3 Hour workshop 

The Mini Experience

This experience is designed to gve our community a taste of Expansive Voice and the practices our Luminaries offer. Get to know Expansive Voice and explore a practice with a single Luminary. 1-3 Hour workshops held in an inspired natural setting or studio space.

Hosted a few times a month with many varying practices. A few of our practices are listed below.


Each Mini Experience varies based on the Luminaries leading.
Experiences may include but are not limited to the practices below.

Group Guided Meditation: Learn a grounding meditation designed to help destress and create peace of mind
Varieties of Yoga: Learn to draw on the grounded qualities of your body in a unique yoga practice
Tea Ceremony: Enjoy a ceremony drawn from ancient Japanese Tradition.
Strength Movement Flow: Learn movements to help balance, open and remove stuck energy from the body.
Sound Healing: Use both sound and voice to ground, heal and connect.
Sexual Health: Harness your feminity through discussion and activity.

Guided Nature Walk: Connect with nature around you and learn to create a unique calmness through the simplicity of walking
Sensory Mapping: Get grounded with an immersion in nature using all of your senses
Vocal Coaching: Work with the elements of your voice to communicate more than just the words we speak
Essential Oil Therapy: Learn and create with oils that help support a productive environment
Seasonal Health: Learn ways to heal and thrive through seasonal shifts.
Breathwork: This meditative technique produces physiological, emotional and energetic shifts in the body.