single day workshop 

Women of Tech Experience

This experience is designed to give professional women tools to feel empowered in the workplace and well equipped to destress in order to create happiness inside and outside of work. Day workshop held in workplace, offsite space or in natural setting; macrobiotic lunch and snacks provided.


Expansive Voice Expanded Experience

Group Guided Meditation: Learn a grounding meditation designed to help destress and create peace of mind
Yoga: Learn to draw on the grounded qualities of your body in this unique yoga practice
Pilates: Build stability from the pelvic floor and beyond in a pilates workout
Strength Movement Flow: Learn movements to help balance, open and remove stuck energy from the body.

Guided Nature Walk: Connect with nature around you and learn to create a unique calmness through the simplicity of walking
Sensory Mapping: Get grounded with an immersion in nature using all of your senses
Vocal Coaching: Work with the elements of your voice to communicate more than just the words we speak
Essential Oil Therapy: Learn and create with oils that help support a productive environment