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Self Worth & How to Set Healthy Boundaries


Join Expansive Voice and Mer Zandifar for an afternoon of learning and healing through somatic work, breathwork, and depth hypnosis or hypnotherapy. This course will help you reduce unconscious codependence and self-sabotaging tendencies by reprogramming your deep-rooted core beliefs. You'll learn how to heal your unconscious mind so you can practice self-care and set boundaries in your work and relationships.

Here's what you'll learn and experience in this 90-minute class:

  • How unconscious negative core beliefs impact your ability to set boundaries.

  • A deep dive into your core beliefs and boundary patterns. I'll help you identify a specific negative core belief so we can uproot it from an unconscious level. 

  • A powerful guided process to install a positive core belief to empower your self-worth. This will allow you to set boundaries with less resistance and fear.

  • Tips for sustaining healthy boundaries in your daily life.

This webinar will be informational, interactive, and experiential. You’ll get to learn new things AND engage in a guided healing process to help you strengthen your boundaries.


More about Mer:
Mer is the founder and creator of the Happiness Clinic. She’s a counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist with a background in psychophysiology, somatics, and transpersonal psychology. Mer specializes in addressing anxiety, trauma, and codependence. She's dedicated to helping people heal and become empowered about their mental health. Mer is inspired by nature, meditation, and neuroplasticity.

*Stream this LIVE online class from anywhere in the world on Sunday, May 20th at 4:30 pm, PT. All you need is a device with wifi or a phone line to connect.


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