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How to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Full Time Gig / By Nicolette Amarillas

"If your current role isn't fulfilling and the passion is gone, it may be the perfect catalyst for making the jump. Both of my businesses came to fruition because of my own realization that I wasn't flourishing in my current roles."


What to wear to an interview: Advice from 3 Women Leaders / By Joni Sweet

“Getting to an interview can be stressful due to an array of issues, like traffic, so it’s important to leave with plenty of time to arrive early and take 5 to 10 minutes to decompress, close your eyes, and become present."


Helping Professional Women Navigate Their Careers / By Yitzi Weiner

"I had the pleasure to interview Nicolette Amarillas. Nicolette is the founder of Expansive Voice’s “Professional Women” series — a series of workshops that help professional, boss women, navigate career challenges and advance in their profession."


spirit burrito /  Episode 12 with Nicolette Amarillas  / by kellie sinnott

In Kellie's most recent interview, she checks in with E.V. Founder, Nicolette Amarillas about some of her ingredients for her Spirit Burrito "I think it takes a certain experience to be able to get to a point to truly trust your intuition, and being able to trust that your intuition is telling you because, it is always talking to you, its just whether your prepared to listen.." - Nicolette Amarillas. 


5 ways to create a smooth transition from vacation to daily life / by Nicolette amarillas

Traveling is easy, but returning is hard.  "How can we set a realistic expectation for our post vacation routine that isn't romanticized and embellished, so we can integrate back into daily life?" Check out write up by Expansive Voice founder, Nicolette Amarillas on how she handles life after vacation. 


5 Ways to Become Better At Saying No / Valerie Berrios

"According to Nicolette Amarillas, a women’s life coach, holistic health practitioner, and founder of Expansive Voice in San Francisco, the pressure to say yes to everything is real. Being a woman often makes this that much harder."



What really Happens to your body when you get depressed / Adria valdes greenahuff

"Because depression is a such a complex condition, it's possible to be depressed without even realizing it... Here are some subtle ways your body could be warning you of an underlying mental health issue."




"When it comes to staying on track with workouts, any trainer will tell you that having a plan is key. That’s probably why traveling throws a wrench in the most dedicated fitness regimen... If you have upcoming travel, it pays to think ahead."


9 Reasons to Take a Full Week (Yes, Week!) Off Your Workout Routine / Dominique Astorino

"After every two to three months of constant, intense exercise, consider taking a full week break to take care of your body. Here's why"



Are You Using Yoga For Strength Training? Here's What Experts Have to Say / Dominque Astorino

"More than a workout, this lifestyle practice can teach you so much about yourself while helping you implement a sense of calm and serenity in your everyday life — all while creating a healthy body. And while you can get stronger through this style of exercise, should yoga be your go-to strength training workout?" Find out what E.V. founder and trainer, Nicolette Amarillas and other experts have to say on the subject