4-Part 2-Hour Series workshop 

Developing Executive Presence

This unique group-coaching experience will teach you how actualize your authentic, executive voice. Learn to develop executive presence through an interdisciplinary curriculum of physicality, visualization, and communication skills. 

Expansive Voice Expanded Experience

1. Posture for
Powerful Presence

Posture influences so many factors in our lives — from how we feel about ourselves to how effectively we communicate at work. A strong connection with your body and emotions through posture will empower you to tackle daily ambitions and challenges. Join us and learn how your body language can have both negative and positive effects on your mental state, along with techniques to master the posture that communicates your own strengths.

What we'll cover

  • Understand the concepts, science, and anatomy of posture applicable to a variety of workplace contexts

  • Learn techniques to improve posture and help you connect your mind and body

  • Understand how posture affects mood, outlook, confidence, self efficacy

  • Put postural techniques into practice using conversational prompts

  • Gain a deep understanding for how to assess and adjust your own posture to create a powerful presence

2. Own your Story &
Claim your Power in
the Workplace

When we own our story, we claim our power. In this workshop, students will be invited to reflect on their professional journey to tell the story of who they are in the workplace today. Students will find a deeper connection with owning their own professional experience and telling their story with confidence and creativity. Now more than ever, it is critical that we take ownership of our professional trajectory so that we can intentionally design the next steps on our career path.

What we'll cover

  • Learn why telling a compelling story about who you are, where you are professionally and where you aspire to be is critical to cultivating your power and fostering success in the workplace.

  • Practice writing and telling your story

  • Refine written reflection into a focused & compelling story

  • Create an “elevator pitch” from your story

  • Improve the delivery of your story and discover how it is best executed

3. Activate Success: Deconstructing Blockers to your Professional Vision

In the pursuit of your desired goals and career path, do you ever feel blocked, that your goal is not achievable, or that there are certain opportunities that are simply not available to you? In this workshop, we’ll break down the various cognitive biases that impact the way we view ourselves (and our potential), identify our emotional “triggers”, and dive into a process of deconstructing the self-limiting beliefs that impact our growth and success. Interactive and individual exercises will guide you through a process of developing new, alternative stories and self-beliefs to better serve you. In addition, these exercises will break down how to use emotional awareness to respond rather than react in high stakes situations, and help you create concrete action plans to begin moving towards your professional vision.

What we'll cover

  • Understand how cognitive biases work, and how to identify the role they play in day-to-day life

  • Learn how to work with neural reprogramming to “override” the negative effects of these biases

  • Learn to name, deconstruct, and replace self-limiting beliefs and problematic “stories” that create impediments to attaining professional goals

  • Understand the processes of emotional “triggers”, learn how to develop the skills of insight and awareness to recognize when “triggers” occur in order to respond thoughtful and professionally

  • Explore the cultivation of a “Wise Mind” versus the activation of the primal “Fight or Flight” response in the face of stress, anger or fear

4. Navigating
Difficult Conversations
with Confidence

Difficult conversations are everywhere at work, from asking for a raise, to negotiating the delegation of tasks, to advocating for new behaviors in the workplace. Learning the skills and confidence to lead these conversations is crucial for developing executive presence. In this workshop, students will learn how to prepare for and lead these difficult conversations, as well as how to manage strong emotions while maintaining a high level of communication.

What we'll cover

  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation

  • How to visualize a variety of outcomes for the conversation

  • Practice your conversation with supportive peers